You and Allah

Allah sees you.

This is the teaching of the people of tasawwuf.

Allah sees me. Allah is with me. Allah is the Witness of my acts.

Know that Allah is looking at you. You are not looking at the

universe, or at shuyukh or deciding that is your way or this

way or that way. There is no way.

There is only one way. That is the way. That you are going from

birth to death. This is the only tariqa there is.

And what is important is what you do on this journey. Do you acquire

benefit or do you throw it away?

You see, this is what this singing is all about. That what is dark can

be replaced with light. It is cleansing. It is purifying. It is cleaning.

It is polishing. So the heart becomes clear instead of muddy. It is

like when the snow melted and brought with it the earth. The water

became dirty because it was turbulent. But when the water settled

and everything is calm then all that muddyness disappears and

the water becomes clear like a mirror.

But it is not to see this face, as you can see that in an ordinary mirror,

in the outward sensory world. But to gaze into the mirror of the heart

is to see the secret of the self. So the gazing into the heart becomes

like drinking lights. There is no escape. If it is knowledge you want.

There is no path except the path of those great people.

What has happened is that islam has come back. It was here in Europe before.

You may say that you dont want anything to do with it and that and that

is fine. It doesnt matter. That is not interesting. What is interesting is who are

these people who want to know? Its not a phrase. It was Madinah.

And the light of Madinah was not its houses or its streets.

The illumination of Madinah were its people, its men and women, the companions

and their families. This is the source of it. This is the well. This is the oasis.

You get knowledge according to your desire and you get knowledge based on

what you are able to handle. It is not about personalities, about this shaykh

or that shaykh. It will only confuse you.

It is about You and Allah.

If you are not muslim then good bye, go away, there is nothing I can say to you

as your intellect has not worked. But if you are muslim, then what will you

do with it? It is like saying you will dress up as in fisherman’s clothes and

then not go down to the river. So you will be completely dressed in the entire

kit and then not go down to the water? No, you have to take it! You have

to take the maximum of your own capacity. This is more difficult for the men

than for the women. In this age men are not in jihad, the men are not fighting.

The men are all at home. And until the men say: “I am not able to live in darkness,

I want to know”. And these men nowadays come to the shaykh and ask him

to do this magical transaction.

But No! If you want change YOU must change your life.

The first thing you have to do is to break the habits. Break this norm. You have

to crack this robot behaviour of how you live, the way you live. Re-sculpture it!

Re-shape it! Do that you do not become fixed in the illusion that you exist and

are some kind of idol that will be here forever.

– Sidna Shaykh Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi al-Murabit


~ by The Murabit Blog on 10/24/2011.

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