Ramadan discourse

This was a discourse which Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib -rahimahu Llah- gave in his zawiyya in Meknes in the year he died. He was over 100 at the time.

“Going-on without end, Unaffectedness by events, and Oneness of Essence and Attributes. They do not take anything away from Allah, although this is what the mutakallimun assert, rather they take away from our intellects all that cannot be applied to Allah. If we know that Allah is Beyond-past-time, we cannot form a picture in our intellects of His coming into being in time, and if we know He is Going-on without end, we cannot conceive of His annihilation. Likewise, if we recognise that He has unlimited wealth, it is impossible for us to imagine Him ever being in need. And so on … If we recognise that is not affected by events, we know that nothing can be equal to Him, not in His Essence, not in His attributes, and not in His actions. This is the first thing a man should know. Sidi ibn ‘Ashir says about this:

The first duty of the one under obligation
who has been given clarity

Is to know Allah and His Messenger

by the attributes on which the ayats are based.

This is where the Wahhabis and others like them go wrong when they say, “You don’t know Allah. You are committing shirk.” But if a man knows Allah in this way he cannot make any mistake. He will never confuse Allah with anything else”.

– Sidna Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib – rahimahu Llah – .


~ by The Murabit Blog on 08/18/2010.

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