Timeless Filigree


by the writer from Islamic Spain al-Fazaari:

Timeless Filigree

The great hafiz Ibn ‘Abdi’l-Barr said that no science of Islam is more essential, after studying the meanings of Allah’s Book and the Sunnah of His Messenger, Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa-Sallam, than literature or adab.

IT IS literature that teaches how to behave as a refined individual, benign to yourself and beneficial to your fellow human beings.

IT IS the lost treasure of the ummah of Muhammad, Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa-Sallam.

Extracts from the book:

1- A man from the Children of Israel caught a lark by hunting and wanted to slaughter it.

The lark said to him: ‘Do not slaughter me, for in me you do not find what will satiate your appetite! If you show graciousness to me and set me free, I will teach you three virtues which are better than the width of earth in gold.’

He said to the lark: ‘Let me have them!’.

She said: ‘I teach you one whilst I am in your hand, another one whilst I have moved to the top of the wall, and the third one by the time that I have climbed to the summit of the palm-tree.’

He said to her: ‘I have accorded my consent.’

She said: ‘Do not believe that what is not is’, so he released her and she escalated to the highest point in the wall. He then said to her: ‘Mention the second one.’

She said: ‘Do not feel regret over what has eluded you’, and she mounted on the crest of the palm tree, after which she laughed blusterously, whistled and said: ‘O duped one, I have verily deceived you! Had you slaughtered me, you would have extracted two pearls from my craw, the weight of each one of them being 10 mithqals, so in the pair of them there would have been your prosperity till the end of (your) time’ till the end of the story.

2- (Imam) ash-Shaafi`i said:

When I was traveling around in my quest for hadeeth, I entered the land of the Yemen. It was said to me: ‘There is a female here, who, from the middle part of her body to the bottom, is in the shape of a woman, whereas, from the median point to the top, she has two diverse bodies, with four hands, and two heads and faces.’

I developed a desire to see her, but did not regard it as permissible to cast a glance at her (on the basis of mere curiosity). I went, and I asked her father to marry her off to me, and he acceded to my request, whereupon I looked at her.

She was as described to me. From her waist to the top she had two bodies with four hands and two heads (…)

“This smorgåsbôrd of existential delicatessen from Islamic Spain, though mirroring the reality of true events, creates a more scintillatingly fantastic web than the one spun by the Arabian Nights.

As if lit up by a magical lamp, a world of interlaced human figures cascades down on the carpet of literary examination and readers’ delectation: Wielders of royal scepters and astute thieves, sardonic old women and otherworldly creatures, unimaginable benefactors and avaricious misers, dream interpreters and pardoning tyrants, coarse Bedouins and reflective courtiers, talking larks and scheming doves, abstinent Sufis and wise lunatics, lovable fools and parasitical spongers, brave warriors and sagacious counselors, loquacious fish, asinine witnesses and feline pas de deux, balanced jurists and astounded judges, self-professed prophets and slithering shadows of poets, mordant tongues, brave hearts and sharpened minds, odd shapes and even stranger meanings.

This kaleidoscopic parade will provide uplifting education and mirthful joy for the young and the adult, families and hermits, the uninitiated and the schooled masters alike, and for the Muslims and otherwise.”.

Please visit the bookshop at: http://www.as-sulwaan.co.za/

E-Book (in PDF format):

* $5.00

* R40.00


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