Things and being

The Arabic word Shayʿun meaning thing is derived from the root Shāʿa meaning he was willing or he wished. The noun form Shayʿun means a thing, a matter or an affair, it is a willed thing, matter or affair. This establishes the thing as contingent: it is contingent upon Allah the One who wills it. Our usage of the word thing is in the sense of objects, occurrences, thoughts and any other event/form that Allah brings into existence nothing escapes our definition of thing; that it is any form/event.

“His command when He desires a thing
is just to say to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.

Glory be to Him Who has the Dominion
of all things in His Hand.
To Him you will be returned.”
The Qurʿān Sūrah Ya Sīn Ayāts – 81 … 82

in the language of the revelation it is ‘Kun!’ and it is. His command is a word from His words, He singled Adam out, peace be upon him, demonstrating his uniqueness and elevation by teaching him and then commanding him to ‘tell them their names’. Language has an elevated place in Creating and Creation. Language is by phonemes and phonemes are letters and so letters play an important role in the process of Creating and the form\event of Creation.

Everything is from Allah, being unfolded by Allah, returning to Allah. The sky, the earth, trees, beasts, men, technology: planes, cars, computers, transistors. No thing has emerged into the manifest world but that it is from Allah with a path of unfolding which He has chosen and a path of regression and annihilation until it remains only in His timeless knowledge. No thing remains in the realm of possibilities but that it is with Allah, from Allah and by Allah.

from the book The Elemental Dance by Abu Bakr Carberry]


~ by The Murabit Blog on 04/14/2010.

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