The way of knowing

Let us recall the varying perspectives we have gone through in our examination of the Divine emanation into solid world forms. We have seen that the individual letters brought the forms into being, but from the letters – WORDS WERE INTENDED, from the emergent words groupings arose which gave phrases, and we could not but recognise that from the words, from the beginnings phrases were intended. in our Qur’anic picture we saw that from the ayats, the signs, came Suras or forms. Thus from the beginning of the unfolding it was forms that were intended. We have also seen how by complexification, form-combinantion, something new enters into the experience picture. A reality sweeps over the form in all its discreet architectural patterning. It cannot be separated from it and yet it is not it, for it remains discreet, separate, letters in jointed and inter-related tension. We have seen that when how when any aspect of the complexity is dropped off it leaves another ‘reality’ in its place. Another ma’ana or meaning. The scientist rejects the source-forms for they are not accessible to him by his methodology, and the esotericists reject the particularised description of the creation situation when it is broken down into its discreet components, whether they are nucleic acids or particles. To the Sufi there are two approaches to existence – he may look at the world and see the forms, or he may turn to the Reality itself and the forms will fall away. In the great Hadith on creation’s secret, the Messenger, blessings and peace be upon him, said:

Allah hides Himself behind 70,000 veils of light and darkness. If He took away these veils, the fulgurating Lights of His Face would at once destroy the sight of any creature who dared to look at it.

The Shaykh al-Akbar comments that the veils of darkness are the natural bodies and the veils of Light are the subtle spirits, for the Universe is composed of the gross and the subtle. He goes on:

So the Universe is its own veil of itself, and it cannot perceive the Reality since it perceives itself. It is continuously a veil which is not removed since it knows that it is distinct from its Creator by its need for Him. It has no part in the essential necessity which belong to the existence of Allah, so it can never perceive Him. In this respect Allah is always unknown by the knowledge of tasting and direct seeing, because the in-time has no access to that.

[ Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufis book The Way of Muhammad – page 192 to 194)


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  1. Amazingly put..

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