The choice of life over anti-life

For it is really, in essence, a belief system. It all works because everyone believes in it. Believes in the money, the banks, the personalities, the politics, the promises and the lies. And all that belief gives them power.

The money is worthless, the banks are empty, we are all being cheated. And really they are not in control at all, and the great system contains within it the seeds for its own destruction.

For those of us who choose life, rather than anti-life, the question is not so much “What shall we put in its place?”.

Rather we must decide what tools we need, given the current scenario, that will enable us to cope with what we have inherited.

– Abdalhamid Evans

(Banking – the root cause of the injustices in our time)


~ by The Murabit Blog on 02/26/2010.

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