Not seeking utopia

So, this is the outward dimension; the confirmation by clear texts that there is something somewhere, that a clear, living and vibrant expression of the deen can still be found. About this we cannot, however, afford to be too idealistic or too naïve. That living form must line up in harmony with that of the first community, and while they were the best community of human beings ever to appear on the earth, we must not forget that they were exactly that, eminently human. Therefore, in looking for this ‘party’, we have all too often missed the mark by denying everything we see as being all too human, and end up in disappointment, confusion or desperation as we fruitlessly seek to find instead some ethereal gathering of superhuman paragons.

– Hajj Abdassamad Clarke


~ by The Murabit Blog on 02/18/2010.

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