The necessity of an Amir

Another aspect of the religious reform is its personal morality: puritanism.
This morality places the isolated individual deprived of leadership at the centre of the decision-making or moral judgement. This way of thinking implies a fundamental shift in the approach of the fiqh. When the individual has to decide in isolation, automatically it puts all social issues out of reach. For example, the issue of the restoration of the Dinar and the Dirham, seen from the perspective of the individual, is a non-issue since it requires a whole community for it to be applied. This personal morality means that most social issues are abandoned, especially those that carry the highest politicla och economical weight (equal to their importance). Only the individual belonging to a jama´at can act in these matters and for that, once more the figure of the leader, the Amir, becomes necessary.

– Umar Vadillo, 8th international fiqh conference 2003


~ by The Murabit Blog on 01/04/2010.

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