The Future: The Path of Dhikr Allah

Only at the door of the sufis can the wide and tolerant spirit of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad flourish, blessings of Allah and peace be upon him, only among the sufis can be found the true spirit od Madinah. And to us, all those who possess the spirit are of us. No one is excluded – this is the one vital and necessary condition of an UMMA. The spirit of the sufis is one which desires for the brother what is due for the self. If the Garden is our reward then do we not yearn to share it with as many as possible?. Did not our Guide yearn to see his own uncle enter islam before his death – beyond the bounds of what he had been instructed?. Many a Wahhabi has turned from his wrong guidance and melted before the love and brotherhood that he has found among the sufis. For the difference in the end between them and the rest of the community is not intellectual, it is psychological. Our way is based on feeling incomplete and incorrect before Allah. Their way is to make you feel incomplete and incorrect before them!. We seek Allah´s approval only and turn away from all that is other-than-Allah. Enter the way of Allah. Take the path. The path is dhikr of Allah, especially by His Supreme Name, and it is the Name of Majesty ‘Allah’.

– Sidna Shaykh Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi in his book Letter to an African Muslim.


~ by The Murabit Blog on 12/16/2009.

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