Quotes from Sahnun

The Ribat (outpost) in Sousse, Tunisia

“If someone does not act by his knowledge, his knowledge does not benefit him.”

“Everything I see is disliked
except planting the spear in the shade of the horse,
And standing in the darkness,
guarding people at the furthest outpost.”

“By Allah, I have been tested by this qadiship and by the rulers. By Allah, I will not eat a morsel for them nor drink a drink for them nor wear a garment for them nor ride an animal for them nor take a gift from them. I go to them and I speak to them harshly regarding what entails action and wherein lies salvation.”

– Sahnun ibn Sa’id

[Sahnun (‘Abdus-Salam) ibn Sa’id ibn Habib at-Tanukhi (160-240 AH – rahimahullah) was a jurist in the Maliki madhhab from Qayrawan in modern-day Tunisia.]

Taken from Muwatta.com


~ by The Murabit Blog on 12/10/2009.

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