Norwich Conference 2010 – Paving the way for Post-Usury economy

The Norwich Conference
Paving the way for the Post-usury economy
1st-2nd May 2010


The usurious banking economy that has grown to encompass the planet is now clearly in terminal collapse. The primary purpose of this, the first Norwich Conference, is to map and evaluate the work that is being done to pave the way for the post-usury economy.

The historical background to this undertaking was the discovery of the overwhelming impact of usury on world society. In Norwich this was marked by the 1987 Seminar on Usury whose papers we have recently republished along with new material under the title, Banking – The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time. This seminar was highly influential in raising issues which have since become increasingly widely known, especially in the light of the escalating economic crises of the last decade.

The second stage was marked by various initiatives to deal with this matter, such as LETS – Local Exchange Trading Systems, barter systems such as Bartercard, credit unions, the Scandinavian JAK bank, e-Gold, and Islamic banking. However, it has become more and more clear that some of these initiatives have suffered from a failure to fully appreciate either the operational modalities of usury capitalism or the relevance of traditional healthy models of trade.

The annual Norwich Conference will focus on the third stage, which is to bring the traditional understanding of both usury and of correct and wholesome trade to bear on the modern age exploring its modes of implementation in the here and now. For that we will bring to the table leading thinkers and activists who stand at the forefront of this dual activity.


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