For the Coming Woman

The totality of this message can only be recognised by those women who know they are women, and who know that the roles of the man and the woman are different. This is for the woman who knows it is incumbent on her to learn, to seek knowledge, to act according to that knowledge, and to also transmit that knowledge. This is for the woman who knows what a great responsibility we have towards our children so that their lives do not become meaningless and wasted.

If you are not this woman then it is unlikely you will even finish reading the next paragraph.

Before we proceed let us throw out a word that always provokes either an inward or outward response from the modern black woman. Your reaction will most likely be based on media hype, fear, or just plain, but understandable ignorance. The word is Islam. Now if you are looking for this to be a defence of polygamy you will be disappointed because that is not the issue. In fact it is not even interesting. Anyone interested in that can go and tour the length and breadth of Africa and see it in action, or stay here and see the opposite in action, but what we want to discuss here are practical things that you can grasp on to and that make a difference. So let us now proceed.

We begin by acknowledging that our Creator is one and that at the end of this life each of us, individually, will answer to this Creator. If the black woman accepts this and remembers she will die, then and only then is she a conscious black woman. This conscious black woman is already head and shoulders above the woman who denies this reality, this truth. That woman is not conscious, she is asleep and her heart is dead. She is not interesting, she is a burden. She likes to talk and get involved in meaningless debates that never result in meaningful action. She is wasting her time we will not let her waste ours.

Now the conscious black woman needs to become the wise black woman. For her this is easy. She uses her intellect and her spirituality, that inward connection to her Creator. In every situation she applies what she knows, makes the best decision she can, and then acts accordingly. More important however, is the fact that she learns from the decisions and the actions she takes. We will call this conscious and wise woman, The Coming Woman

The coming woman will not dwell on the legacy of the atlantic slave trade, she already knows the position the black woman finds herself in all over the planet. She will also already know of the wonderful quality of life some of those before us enjoyed when they lived as the Creator had prescribed. She will no doubt inwardly yearn to recreate a situation of such nobility for herself and her children. However, she is also interested in understanding how it is we have fallen victims to a new slavery arising out of a combination of jewish commercial techniques and christian defencelessness, apathy and collusion.

What we must do now is begin to analyse the society we live in and what it has to offer the coming woman. This process begins with the realisation that slavery has not finished, it never did finish, only the form has changed. If you depend on a salary to pay your mortgage, your rent, buy food or whatever else salaries are used for, you are a slave, a slave to your salary and the system that provides it, a wage slave. You have to toe the line. You are caught up in this endless cycle of nine-to-five, four weeks holiday, seeking promotion, hating the boss and maybe striving for a pension, while your own children are being cared for by some other wage slave. Are you beginning to see the similarity to life on the plantation? Maybe you sign on the dole (welfare), or if not you, the father or fathers of your children. This is even worse but it’s all part of the same thing. The system that pays you needs to keep you in check.

We work harder and harder and yet still our money buys less and less. Africa and the Caribbean, full of natural resources, yet our people have less money than even we in Europe and America have. Someone somewhere, is manipulating the supply, value and destination of the money we use. It is all a result of monopolistic, corrupt and unfair commercial practices along with the unlimited creation of what is in reality false money, which is sanctioned by the State and exploited by the banks and other financial parasites that produce nothing. This is called Usury and it is the root cause of incurable inflation, unemployment and endemic poverty across the globe. It is no wonder we make no progress economically. The State and the banks decide what our money can buy. If we make enough noise we will get another black woman MP or senator, and a few more prominent black faces who have no power to change anything. In other words the barking dogs get thrown a few more scraps from the table but will never be invited to eat at the table. The black man is beginning to wake up to the recognition of this slavish sickness, rejecting the scraps and seeking the real food, but unfortunately some women still accept what their men reject.

Look within our own homes look at all the problems we have there, all the arguments we have there, and what is at the centre of it; guilt and resentment. A woman is not supposed to live a life of domestic and emotional frustration, money problems, anti-depressants, dead-end love affairs, counselling, more babies and more guilt. A man who is willing and able to work and strive for his community is not supposed to be living a life of economic and political impotency, ending up in compulsive womanising, gambling, wife beating, crime or some useless job. The point we are driving at is that everything we have mentioned so far is all part of the same sickness of our time, and before we accept the remedy we have to admit we are sick. We are not deviating from the topic, but we cannot do anything positive while we are ignorant of the society we live in. We are going to set out below the practical steps we need to take, but we have to make sure that we really understand this question of the State and its far reaching effect right into our homes and upon our families.

We have to understand that there has been a complete turn around in the running of the household, the home. Whenever a society flourished the woman had her own agenda and she ran it from the home. It was always a hive of activity and production, a place where things happened. If you think we mean a programme of cooking and cleaning you have missed the point. You are confusing it with what you see around you today. What we are talking about is the woman’s space, space to do what she needs to do, how she wants to do it. If she wants to run a business she runs it from there, the home is not the place for men, the men have their own programme and their own arena. The new woman needs to reclaim her space. She needs to tell her man; “Let me run things here, you go and find the men who are doing what needs to be done. I will be with the women, we have things that have to be done.” Then we will begin to have real men and real women.

Today the home is an isolated box, a centre of consumption. Everything gets thrown into it and nothing comes out. We spend on the mortgage, food, electricity, gas, telephone and a host of electronic ‘necessities’ (television, stereo etc). Then when we are at home our time is consumed in the shallow escapism of watching the television, listening to dance music, playing video games and the like. There is now nothing attractive about the home, no inspiration or true culture can be drawn from it. We cannot even teach our children table manners because we prefer to sit in front of the TV with a polystyrene container from the local takeaway, yet we ourselves know better because many of our own parents embodied it. So we must keep in our minds the importance of the household and what happens there. We must begin to take it upon ourselves to transform the home and our view of it, in order to accommodate the needs of this independent, and new woman.

Let us end on the current system of education, or you may already call it miseducation, that’s a good start, but only a start. You will by now have realised that the current education system is only fit for producing wage slaves and robotic consumers. What we also have to realise is that sending our children to a top private school is not the answer, it just means that they will be higher up on the wage slave ladder, but nonetheless still slaves. They used to be called overseers. This does not mean we must not study mathematics, science, languages etc. It means we must think carefully, very carefully, about how and where we educate our children because we know that an oppressor or slave master will not show you the road to freedom. He will hide it from you and deceive you. Therefore we must ourselves firstly learn the science of living, embody it for our own protection, and then our children will learn from our own way of life. The woman is the child’s first teacher because she is a woman of action, and children learn from actions, they learn by example.

If you are still with us we say Alhamdullilah (all praise is due to ALLAH). You have something, you are healthy. Inshaallah (by the will of ALLAH) you will grasp onto what we have to say and things will become clear to you, and continue to become clear.

Justice, Social Justice. This is the issue, the establishing of just societies where people are free. The only restriction: do not exceed the boundaries set by ALLAH. Everything else is permissible. Wherever justice was in place, our communities always flourished. No argument. This was always the Islamic society. This issue is not new, every prophet from Adam through to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all) came to establish justice and create just societies. It’s about implementing what is fair and just, and none knows more about this than the Creator, It’s about putting the right people in the right places and therefore choosing the best amongst us to lead us. Anything else is injustice.


Our belief is that every man and woman should, to the best of their ability, be pursuing the establishment of justice as it has just been defined. We believe that the first step for anyone must be recognition of the Creator and his prophets. This has to be a recognition that the Creator, ALLAH, has power over everything and in comparison we have no real power. Therefore if we surrender to this reality we can then, and only then begin to achieve success.

The next step is to find a set of like minded and positive people to form the basis of community with clear leadership, a community made up of men, women and children who now begin to administer their own affairs in accordance to the way prescribed by the Creator which is known as the Shari’ah (the road). This means we do not need MPs to represent us we have our own from amongst ourselves.

If we get this far it means we will be in a position to see the real cause of all the social problems we are faced with today, usury. You the coming woman, will have to find out the real meaning of this word because it is deep, and it is evil, and we are all entangled in it, but it goes beyond the banks and interest and is either directly or indirectly responsible for every evil thing that we have mentioned so far. To explain it you must know that the sacred house in Mecca is the direction Muslims face when they pray. You must know that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) says usury is not only seventy times more evil than a man committing incest with his own mother, but seventy times more evil than committing incest with his own mother in the said Sacred house. So if you understand what has been said so far you must now find the people who know, and learn from them the true meaning of this word usury.

It sounds like a heavy task but it’s not, you just take one step at a time and the rest will follow, but you have to remember whenever anything positive happened amongst our people anywhere, it began with a small community, a firm belief, a clear vision and positive action.

What you have to do is find the people who are acting in accordance with what you have just learnt. They will be a community with a clear leader; there will be men, women and children; they will have a clear grasp of current issues and not be fooled by what is on the TV or in the newspapers; the women will see each other regularly and support each other; but of significant importance will be that the men stand out. Their time will be spent involving themselves in trading and in serious and positive action. They will have little time for frivolous pursuits. You will also notice that they keep talking about land, the need for land, the need for markets and the need for people to trade using real wealth and real money as opposed to bits of paper or plastic.

So we have come to the end, but for you it should be a beginning. You know the situation, you recognise the sickness, you recognise the cure and you know how to recognise the people. Now all you have to do is find them, join them and go forward together with them. Inshaallaah



~ by The Murabit Blog on 11/29/2009.

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