Umar Vadillo: Reply to the “Murabitun Files”

“When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean” -Humpty Dumpty.

Nowhere has the role of Lewis Carrol as linguistic architect of the twentieth century been more apparent than in the world of politics. Nouns, verbs and adjectives are flung about with great enthusiasm, anger and sincerity, leaving mythological trails so evident that not one of them needs to be explained. Hitler is one of them. It produces a nod of instant understanding of what the whole thing is about. The issue presents itself as self-evident.

In our case, what is presented is deprived of any context. This is seen as superfluous. The sentence that irritates Mr Haddad is “Hitler was the only Mujahid of the century”. This sentence if deprived of context is open to anybody’s imagination of what it means. Yet, the genuine enquirer will ask: Was Shaykh Abdalqadir speaking about Muslims, or was he speaking about European history? Did Shaykh Abdalqadir said that Hitler was a Muslim, or was using the word mujahid as meaning “a person who fought”? In which way, was Shaykh Abdalqadir speaking of him as a fighter? Fighter against what? What was the general theme of the conference in which the talk was set? Where was it said? To whom?

No, Shaykh Abdalqadir did not say that Hitler was a Muslim. He, in fact, said in the same talk that he was a kafir. That last sentence, the last part of the discourse and the final dua was edited from the tape that “Uthman, the Italian” presented in his “Murabitun Files”. The talk was part of a Conference of European Muslims assembled in Granada entitled “Islam in Europe”. The Conference centred on issues concerning European culture, history and politics. As Shaykh Abdalqadir said: “You must understand the ways of kufr if you are going to defeat it”. To fight Riba, is well known, a matter of great importance to Murabitun. Hitler was the last Christian attempt to fight capitalism. This evident in his famous proclamation of “Brechung der zinzsknechshaft” (breaking of the slavery of usury). He fought and failed. Shaykh Abdalqadir said that they failed because of their kufr. (the actual quote and the relevant pieces from the “end of the tape” are included down below). In similar context he spoke of Wagner and Heidegger. I has never been suggested that they were Muslims, or that they are a model to us, or that we should imitate them or follow them. If someone wishes to understand how we view Heidegger, you can read my recent posts on him. If somebody does not wish to understand, then there is very little we can do.

What is interesting is how these issues are twisted and elevated to be “the matter of interest”. Then, they become the theme of a public debate. Or should we say “the illusion” of a public debate? Is this what Murabitun is talking about? Or is this the smoke screen to hide the “real themes”? Is Murabitun only talking about Hitler? How often do we mention his name? The answer to the last to questions is no; hardly ever.

This mythology is further simplified by the tendency to use interchangeably the phrases with a random order. The word Hitler presented appropriately represents a self-evident means of disapproval. The illusion is so complete that we forget to ask who is arguing with such fervour against Murabitun? Who is Uthman, the Italian?, who is Mr Haddad?

Uthman, the Italian is a psychopath frustrated murderer. We know him quite well. The author of the “Murabitun Files” is an ex-member of Murabitun, who attempted to murder his own father-in-law by stubbing him repeatedly with a knife in his belly, while other person was holding his hands at the door of his own house. He survived just by miracle. He has escaped prison in Italy, but not the judgement of Allah. After he became self-persuaded that we were going to murder him, in an Italian vendetta style, he went fanatical in attacking us with the most ludicrous gobbledygook which he gathered in his “Murabitun Files”.

Mr Haddad, has personal reasons to attack us. He thinks he can vindicate the name of Shaykh Nazim by presenting us as a Nazis. The reason behind this is the recent publication of my latest book “The Esoteric Deviation”. The book is not about Shaykh Nazim, but it is rather a thoroughly argued case of the Esoterisation of Sufism and the Shariah in the XX century. Shaykh Nazim is presented as a study case of “extreme Mahdism”. Mr Haddad’s own thinking, in view of who his teachers are, forces him to deny the book. His recent attacks on Murabitun and our Shaykh, are part of this strategy.

The curious thing about our attackers, is that very few of them are ready to stand to the same scrutiny that they want to impose on us. They resist it. Instead, they hope to remain behind the barriers with no attention place on them. Still more curious, if you begin to question them, you discover that they are horrified at the prospect that they may have to explain what “do they stand for”. They are, in effect, the judges and jury, but they cannot explain, except vaguely, what their own position is. We, Murabitun, on the contrary have to do it all the time -which we do gladly.

When the matter ‘what do you stand for’ comes to the surface, their words and accusations, which they have flung so passionately, lose their entity. They hang on their words with real zeal because in the face of a real debate they have no other argument. Their words do not lead anywhere they are only intended to prevent the real debate. The real debate is what frightens them.

What we have done in the past and we continue to do, is to ignore this non-sense. We undertake them it is part of being politically active. We understand that the more politically accurate you are, the more this kind of calumnies will emerge. It only shows the frustration from the opponent.

What we are concerned with will not be altered. Our political stand against capitalism, the present face of kufr, is open and clear for everyone to know. If any one wants to know what we stand for he has no need to go to sectarian journalists, they can come and ask us directly. I have always dedicated a considerable effort in the past to make our position clear. It is written and it has been spoken. We do not hide.

I consider my contribution to the work against kufr to do da?wa and to introduce the Gold Dinar. My concern, and our concern as Murabitun, is to be in the front line of action. We are minting coins, doing da’wa, building mosques, markets, maddrassas for the sake of Allah only. The sincerity of our people and the devotion to their work is best expressed by our achievements. What we have done and what we are doing today can be seen. We have the people and the communities around the world.

The Islamic Gold Dinar is a hot issue. When it comes into your hands it forces a decision: approval or disapproval. This will grow in intensity with every new coin in circulation. If we succeed with Allah’s approval, we shall see the end of the banking system. The Dinar is a powerful tool for the unity Muslim nation, it will restore our muamalat, and will bring us closer to political union. Those who have entrenched in the moral comfort of the status quo would feel threatened. What we can tell them is that we do not live in their myths.

Umar Vadillo

Extracts from “the end of the tape” “The time has come for the Muslims to regain leadership and transform the world taken over by the usurers. [] You must understand the ways of kufr if you are going to defeat it. [] Hitler, Wagner and Heidegger fought in their way within the means of kufr and failed. Their kufr was [the reason for] their failure[]. Do not be deceived by the historical picture that kufr offers of itself. You have to see through the cracks to understand what really happened[]. kufr is one. May Allah open our hearts to His Immense Mercy and give us the determination to establish His deen in its former glory. [] May Allah give us the strength in our helplessness before Him to restore our leadership on the path to the Khalifate[] May Allah gives us the wisdom to return to the Gold Dinar and finish with the illusion of a world of false wealth. May Allah give us a strong brotherhood that gives us discrimination between Islam and kufr.”


~ by The Murabit Blog on 11/21/2009.

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